Building a New Gaming PC and need Help!?

So I'm looking to build a new PC and I need some help selecting a MotherBoard and PSU.

So far I have:
CPU - Intel i7-4770k
Video Card - EVGA GTX 770 4gb (04G-P4-3778-KR)
RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL)
Storage - Intel 530 Series 240GB (SSDSC2BW240A4K5)

What I think I need:
Motherboard - ASUS Z87-PRO
PSU - Corsair AX860 (CP-9020044-NA)

Question 1: Now I've heard good things about the Gigabyte Motherboards... Any Suggestions towards Asus vs Gigabyte, or another MB in general?

Question 2: I've also heard that Cooler Master v850 is comparable to the Corsair AX860, and in someways better. Though I am unsure, and that's why I'm here.

If anyone has any alteration I should make to my build please bring it forth. Though supporting evidence would be nice to anything brought to the table.
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  1. You dont really need the ax860. You can just get the corsair rm850 or even the rm750. Also for the motherboard, I would go with ASRock Extreme 6, Gigabyte UDH3 I think it is or the MSI GD65. Also for the storage, get a cheaper ~250gb ssd. Go for one by kingston, a data, samsung, etc. I mean that get a cheaper ssd. Also get a 1 tb hard drive. Also there really isnt much difference between the 770 2gb and 4gb. Try to get a 780 and if you cant go with a 2gb 770 or a r9 280x. Your welcome
  2. @ TheMohammadmo

    I'll check out those boards now.

    As for the video card, It needs to be Nvidia. I'm using 3D Vision on my current system. I chose the 4gb, cause I want no issues maxing out any game with any ENB series, even with Crysis 3 (just as a benchmark [game sucks lol]) And going down $30 from the 4gb 770 to a 2gb 780, I'm actually loosing clock speed as well as memory, thus making it near impossible to max out Crysis 3 with ENB. (with good frames in 3D)

    Also on a side note, I chose a higher PSU because I will most likely being going SLI in the future, and getting another 770 GTX 4gb. I want Tier 1 PSU, so there are no issues.

    As for the Intel SSD, Where I live its onsale for $40 off atm, so for $20 more, I'm getting a 5 yr manufacture warranty. Also I have 2, 3tb HDD for additional space.
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