Building a very first computer for around 1000$ for CS major

I do not play game or video edit. It will be used mainly for multitasking and programming. multitasking like 5-70 tabs at once while watching movie or listening to music and a few other programmes on the background.
I wouldn't condone it to have any lag..
After some days of googling i came up with this

CPU - i5 4670 =220$
Graphics - AMD 5450=30$
MOBO - Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H=70$
RAM - G-skill 2x4G DDR3 1600mhz=60$
PSU - Consair CX600 80plus bronze 600watt=70$
HDD - Western digital 1TB 7200rpm=60$
SDD - Samsung Evo 120G=100$
ODD - Samsung SH224DB =20$
Case - Coolermaster elite =70$
Monitor -2x Yamakasi DS-270=600$

My questions are

1. is it worth investing 600$ on 2 of 27 inch monitors at once since it's a bit over my budget.. I really want to use dual monitors that's for sure but i'm not sure if it's worth going for 27 inch instead of 24 although i can pay through my nose but maybe buy one monitor first and another later would be a good idea if 27 inch is that better than 24 inch in the long run. i5 4670 better than AMD fx 8350 mainly for chrome?

I'm a noob to building a computer so if i got some items wrong or anything please let me know! Thanks..
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  1. My recommendation based on your workloads and budget:
    CPU: AMD FX-8320
    Mobo: ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS
    RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)
    Graphics: MSI R7 250 1GD5 OC
    PSU: Corair CX600 600w
    HDD: WD Blue 1TB
    SSD: Samsung Evo 120GB
    OOD: Samsung SH224DB
    Case: Coolermaster Elite
    Monitors: ASUS VE278Q Black 27"

    That's the setup I would go with personally! Both processors will do just fine for chrome as for multitasking AMD processors excel at running multiple programs at once due to the physical 8 core architecture.
  2. hanadul said:

    CPU - i5 4670 =220$
    Graphics - AMD 5450=30$

    This,go either with the build in gpu of the 4670 or look for a xeon and get a dedicated gpu.
    For the cpu,
    It has hyper threading and is about the same price,just make sure that the motherboard you choose supports it.The motherboard you chose supports the "V2" version,i'm not sure if that's going to make a difference.

    Just for another option for about the same price.
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