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Need help on deciding best camera for my needs

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Which camera is best for me

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  • Sony NEX 3N
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  • Sony RX100
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  • Samsung Galaxy Camera
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  • Other (please state in comments below)
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January 27, 2014 3:28:17 PM

After having been burned by buying a cheap Cannon SD1400is piece of junk, I would like to replace my digital camera with something much nicer. So, here is what I'm looking for.

1. Portability - I'm not against a compact system but a full-on DSLR is way too big as I plan to use this camera to carry around at Disney and other places. With that being said, I don't want some simple point and click that takes crappy photos, either.
2. Cost - I really don't want to go any higher than $500 and that may be pushing it.
3. Low light conditions - I know the DSLR would be the best bet here, but again, option #1 is why I don't want it.

Now, to make things that much more difficult here is my quandry. I need the camera no later than this weekend, and on top of it because I have a Best Buy gift card I have to buy from them. So far I've narrowed my selection down to three of the cameras they have readily available in stock.

1. Samsung Galaxy Camera - I actually have this camera currently with me as when we went shopping the other day my wife really liked it. I'm not so keen on it. I'm not impressed with the resolution at all and I've seen nothing but mediocre reviews on image quality. Plus, numerous reviews say the battery on this thing sucks. So far I'm thinking the camera is more gimmick than substance but I'm hoping someone can prove me wrong.

2. Sony RX100 - This is my favorite camera of the three that I have selected. It's the perfect size and it's gotten amazing reviews. I wish I could afford the RX100 ii, but it's $150 more and the only feature that I think I would really want on it is the tilting screen. My problem is the price is rather steep.

3. Sony NEX 3N - I like this camera a lot and know this one will take the best pictures of the group. My issue with it is the size. Portability is an issue and I know without the lens it's the same thickness as the RX100, but I'm not sure when my wife wants the camera for one of those quick photo ops I want to attach the lens. Otherwise, it's got the price I like and the best image quality of the group.

If anyone's had experience with any of these cameras please let me know. Or, if you have any other suggestions that meet the above criteria I'm all ears.

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February 1, 2014 1:07:53 AM

I would suggest the Sony NEX 3N over the rest. It may not have the most megapixel, however more megapixel is not always better infact in most cases with a point and shoot such as these, your image quality will benefit from having a bigger sensor with less megapixels rather than craming more megapixels into a smaller sensor, this will give you a better signal to noise ratio, meaning your images with be less noisy (noise in camera terms refers to coloured artifices or grain.

With the NEX 3N you have the ability to upgrade lenses for greater focal ranges as-well as faster lenses. The lens which is included (16-50mm) has more lens elements (glass) which will give better distortion control and less colour fringing, however the more glass the light needs to pass through the you will loose contrast and sharpness however this will be very minimal and almost un-noticeable.

For shooting in low light the NEX 3N has a must larger ISO range of 100-16,000 compared to the RX100 which has a range of 200-3200 this mean the NEX 3N will produces images with less noise in low light aswell as being able to shoot betting in harsh sun with ISO 100.

February 3, 2014 3:02:19 PM

Thanks! I actually ended up going with the Nex 5T because I found an open-box item on sale for $399. I was leaning toward the Nex 3 but it was $340 and I figured for the extra $60 I could get the tilting touch screen and NFC, which is great because my wife really likes the ability to instantly snap a picture and then upload it. Surprisingly, there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the open box item and it was $200 cheaper than the same camera new.
February 4, 2014 6:10:50 AM

Congrats on the new camera - glad you were able to find what you wanted! I agree with you 100% on buying open box. I've bought open box and refurbished cameras - they've all been in perfect condition and saved me a lot of money.