Stable clock levels for an Evga GTX 760 OC ACX card?

Greetings community!

I recently had brief foray into the world of Overclocking using EVGA's precision X software for my GPU.

I've got the GPU clock at 1315 mhz and a +600 mhz boost on the memory clock. I've ran Furmark hour long burn in torture tests along with overnight unigine Valley loops without encountering crashes. I did the actual overclock about 3 weeks ago and have had my rig on 24/7 since. Not one BSOD, freeze up or crash.

I feel like I'm squeezing out some pretty exceptional results from this card considering it's only being cooled by case fans and it's own stock ACX system.

I'd provide screenshots and test results but I'm at work at the mo'.

Opinions? Comments? concerns?
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  1. Wow That is a really good over clock! Since it is stable I see no problem with it. I got 1306mhz core clock with my Hawk edition and anything past that would result in crashes so I dropped it to "just" 1280 before finishing my experiment and going back to stock.
  2. Yeah, when I tried to go up to 1320 on the core my drivers IMMEDIATELY failed and the comp froze for a good minute. I then Set EVGA precision X to defaults, restarted the comp and set it back to the previous 1315 and ran torture tests again. I'm super stoked about how well the card OCed though!
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