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I live in Illinois and is there tax in newegg? I'm going to build pc and found out that it says 0 in the tax. Thanks
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  1. You won't have to pay any tax.
    Quote: only charges sales tax on orders shipping to California, New Jersey and Tennessee.
    Read it here.
  2. no tax, that's why I love newegg and stay away from amazon generally lol.
  3. If you are near Microcenter you can usually save on CPU/Mother board combo and yes you will pay tax there so the real benefit is Product in hand and no hassle returns and no shipping delays
  4. Try Microcenter.
  5. Microcenter FTW! I just went there and picked up another FX 8320 for $99 on Saturday. :D
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    I wish I lived near a microcenter, but at about a 5 hour round trip any savings would be negated by the gas money and having to deal with horrible big city traffic lol.
  7. It is about an hr and half for me. I just make a day out of the trip.
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