Looking for a small gaming keyboard for my tiny baby hands

Wondering if any of you have come across a nice usb keyboard that's small. I have pretty small hands and it gets uncomfortable fast to reach my pinky to ctrl repeatedly. Even the number keys are a stretch.
I'd prefer one I can use for both gaming and typing, but I'm open to keypads as well if they're small. I had one that, while better, still seemed to be designed for much larger hands and I couldn't reach the upper keys.
Backlight is a plus.
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  1. are you expecting help with that attitude? i would hope not.

    if you actually took the time to click on the link you would have seen that it contains quite a few products which perhaps may be of benefit. i would assume that you realized the micro sized keyboards were not what was intended.

    you said you have very small hands and find it uncomfortable to use a normal sized keyboard. they do make both wireless and usb mini keyboards which are about 1/2 to 3/4 the width of a standard keyboard that you may find more comfortable. they arent gaming keyboards but at least it would be sized a bit better for you.

    an alternative for gaming might be a gamepad like the nostromo or perhaps a g13. just for spite heres a google image link to what that is

    i'm half tempted to offer no help at all considering the troll remark. please do be a bit more respectful.
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