Buy 1440p monitor now or hold off?


Was close to buying a 1440p monitor today, my budget is around £450, so was looking at the Dell and Asus.

But I stumbled across a news post regarding an Asus Rog Swift pq278q, that should be released march/april. that is 1440p 1ms and 120hz and gsync technology for around $799.

It sounds like everything you would want from a monitor, should I just hold off until then?
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  1. Be careful of marketing hype. From what I can find, it doesn't clearly state that it can handle a 120hz input signal at full resolution, it might only do that for 1920x1080 resolution. I was going to bring up a 4k tv as an alternative (3840x2160 even if only 30hz at that resolution), but it looks like the inexpensive 39 inch models aren't available in the UK.
  2. By that do you mean that ur not sure if it will run 120hz when its at its full resolution?

    Think 4k would be to expensive and my single evga gtx 780 sc wouldnt be powerful enough to run it. so looking at 1440p until i sli few years from now.
  3. dave99uk said:
    By that do you mean that ur not sure if it will run 120hz when its at its full resolution?

    That was exactly my concern, considering that the planned price is around the same as current 2560x1440 IPS monitors (not counting the Korean models that sell for $300 or so), but maybe some manufacturers are finally realizing that the resolution isn't just for graphics professionals and are starting to make TN panels at that resolution. DisplayPort 1.2 should have enough bandwidth to support an "up to 120hz" signal at 2560x1440, so perhaps that concern was unfounded. However, I still have a couple of other concerns:
    1. I've only found the expected price listed in US Dollars, so it might not initially be available in the UK, and if/when it does become available there, the price could be a lot higher.
    2. Some monitors that claim "1ms" response time have achieved that by using very aggressive RTC (response time compensation) that results in severe inverse ghosting.

    I suggest you try to wait until it has released and some hardware-site reviews (such as from TFT Central) are available, then decide whether to buy it or an IPS 2560x1440 monitor.
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