3 4k monitor setup need help which card to buy

Planning to make a 4k monitor setup ....will be buying 3 of these monitor


Have zeroes in to get the following Mobo....


Also will be getting i5 new Hashwell....

also have 16gb ram(ddr3) ,256gb SSD

and also have 460 Watts power only i might need to upgrade the power supply as well....

Not sure what the card i need to buy...

Used only for graphs and no game etc....just graphs,youtube and some music thats all

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  1. You're gonna need more power.
    I would recommend one of these three: Nvidia - GTX 780, GTX 760Ti. Or AMD/Radeon R9 290
    None are inexpensive but the GTX 780 is the least amount of $$$. The AMD has 4GB of video memory and that is a real consideration with 3 4K monitors; even just running regular programs. Lots of pixels to push.

    Minimum power you are going to need will be about 600Watts with 31 amps for the AMD and 42 amps for the Nvidia (12V rail). Here's a good PSU:
    XFX XTR Series P1-650B-BEFX 650W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Active PFC With Full Modular Cables
  2. As life happens ....

    i got a A10 7850k and Asrock FM2+ Extreme6+ motherboard....which card i need to buy so i can use triple monitor now......seems i can use a DP from Motherboard to power up my one monitor....need to figure how to do with other 2 monitor....
  3. I don't know what is posted on Tom's Forums re. the 4K monitors, but the new issue of MaximumPC has a pretty big and informative review on 4K in the new issue including information on needed power.
    After reading that article, I have to retract my recommendation of the GTX 760Ti, it might not be enough horsepower. There also was a question or two about 4K in either the Doctors column or the feedback near the end of the magazine.
    Might be worth the purchase price.
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