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I am not really much into networking, so the description I'll give might require some effort to fully understand, but anyway-

I'm looking for a router that meets these requirements:

A number of devices, around 5 stationary PCs, a couple of servers, NAS/network file storage of some sort, a printer (probably), one or two HTPCs... and then mobile devices on top of that.
Gigabit ethernet (i.e. currently the best available?)
Fulfills the latest/best IEEE-standards.
The network will be both wired and wireless.

I'm a linux nerd :) and I have nothing against tinkering with the router and installing some other firmware, like openwrt.

Last, but not least, I want the router to be secure.
There's been a number of disclosures and leaks recently concerning the fact that various government agencies have backdoors/exploits for a large number of network devices, thus rendering them vulnerable and insecure. There's a whole lot of material to read about it, but unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to do so.
Exploits described in the document are mostly targeted at devices manufactured by US companies, including Apple,[13] Cisco, Dell, Juniper Networks, Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital
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  1. You best bet if you are worried about exploits and companies that intentionally put hole is to go with a quality hardware platform and immediately load dd-wrt or one of the other third party firmware on it. You then have the ability to remove any parts you feel are a issue and if you feel insecure about any part of it you can build it all yourself from the source code.

    Most the Asus and tp-link devices work very well with third party firmware. Still there is not a lot you can do about some of this other than not use the features. Some are obvious like WPS that I would completely remove the code if I had my way. Other where they discuss corrupting the main certificate servers to get ssl keys. What are you going to do the government and a ISP are working to steal your data. Yes many of those holes have been there for years and the only protection you have is the honestly of the government. Still if you look though a huge number of the so called exploits require physical access.
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