Speakers creating very loud buzzing noise when turned on.

Every time I turn on my speakers, they create a very loud obnoxious buzzing noise. This just began last night, but over time they occasionally made small rare buzzing sounds. But, now I cannot even listen to anything on my computer due to the speakers. It's a very loud buzzing noise that will not go away unless I turn the speakers off. I have tried updating the drivers as well, disconnecting them, restarting my computer and so on. Nothing has fixed it.


They're cheap speakers, but I am hoping I can get a fix on this problem. Haven't found a clear solution online.
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  1. If you disconnect the speakers from the PC and turn them on does the noise still happen?
    If so our problem may be in the ac adapter that powers the speakers. Could also be the amp that powers them. If you can find a compatible wall wart you can try that and see if it helps. The original one will be marked as to voltage, ac or dc, and current output.
  2. Powered speakers can easily pick up interference from nearby cables and other electronics. You can try moving them and any nearby power cables to see if that affects the sound.

    I would check the speakers with another source also, they probably can plug into your phones headphone jack. Then check if your computer is the source by connecting headphones.
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