VPN recommendations to access files on another network

Hey Guys,

I'm looking to gain access to some files on my PC in another network.i would like for it to work both ways.

i have files on one laptop that i'd like to be able to work on from home.

ive heard of himachi from logmein but im wondering if thats the best solutioin.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Open VPN is a good utility. Do you HAVE to VPN or can you remote on to the laptop? Logmein will do that as well.

    Windows VPN isn't half bad either.
  2. It don't have to be VPN. I've used log me in but it was laggy(with good connections on both sides) but that was the free one. Would the pro version be better?

    As per open VPN, would you rate that better than himachi?

    Thanks for your help
  3. Logemin Hamachi does work for your situation and works pretty reliability once you learn its quirks, in my experience. TeamVeiwer still has free remote control program that also (and why I am mentioning it her) provides a VPN connection option during a remote session. Logmein has dropped their free remote control service, and now wants everyone to subscribe. I haven't used Team Viewer VPN enough to say anything about it.
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