Upgrading Nvidia 9800 GTX+ - Been out the scene for a while

My GPU just died and I ideally need to replace in a very short time frame as I may need it for work next week. I will be looking to update the rest of the system by the end of the year but this was unexpected annoyingly so I am aware if I get a pci-e v3.0 I won't be able to use it's full potential just yet.

I do like to game but I do 3D design heavily so I need something that'll cope.

I've currently got a Asus p5q p45 mobo which has PCI-e x16 and stanard pci-e. As far as I know, it's pci-e v2.

I'm UK based and I'm really out of the loop so pricing is currently a mystery to me but I guess i'm looking for mid-high end.

If anyone can help it'd be appreciated as I was totally not expecting this. :/
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  1. what's your budget? Gtx 760 or gtx 770 would be really nice
  2. WhiteSnake91 said:
    what's your budget? Gtx 760 or gtx 770 would be really nice

    Good question, from what I can see the 760/770 are quite high end and sit about £250-£300. Definitely something to consider, don't want to go higher than that really. What are thennext couple of steps down at the mo?
  3. the regular gtx 660 or 650ti boost
  4. The 760 and 660TI are pretty similar in costs, with the 760 having 30% more memory bandwidth. Given you use this for work (im assuming 3d work or video editing) the 760 would make a better choice given it's data bandwidth. Also you will find a very noticeable performance increase over the (ancient) 9800GTX.
  5. Yeah, I know it's going to be a big step up but that 9800 has done me proud. It'll be a small service and i'll say a few words.

    On a serious note, cheers guys, i'll look into the 760 most likely unless someone comes along with another recommendation.
  6. What is your system? CPU,PSU,RAM
  7. Suitable PSU for almost anything I can throw at it

    Intel Quad 6600

    4GB DDR2 RAM
  8. Ouch. 760 best bet
  9. azzazel_99 said:
    Ouch. 760 best bet

    Haha, what did you expect when I said 9800? :p

    But hopefully this rig won't last much longer, it's just that this was an unexpected forced upgrade. No point in wasting money on a dirt cheap replacement when i'll just replace that in a few months.
  10. I thing the GTX 760 is the best one for you. Or just go for the 650 ti boost which's really good too.
  11. Alright, looking into the 760 then, either Asus or EVGA look nice. Are they still reputable with some decent quality?

    Also Overclockers has this http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-188-OK&groupid=701&catid=1914&subcat=1830 on offer for this week, worth it or not? Looks a little under the other two but at ~£40 cheaper I guess it's to be expected
  12. Get that one, EVGA has +79mhz clock spees I think, but Nvidia is good too
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