Looking for Asus Z87-K DDR3 Ram

I'm searching for new parts to my Gaming PC and I have chosen the Asus Z87-K. Unfortunately, i have no clue which ram i should choose... Can anyone help me?

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  1. What CPU? and if a K model CPU will you be OCing?
  2. Probably the i7 4770 3,40 i think. And i don't think i will be Ocing, but you'll never know haha!
  3. If even considering OCing, I'd spend the extra and get the K model CPU, with the K, would suggest 2133, the non K 1866, Haswell scales to DRAM very well and price differences are negligible (look for 2x4GB in 1866/8 or 9 or 2133/9) the GSkill Tridents and Snipers have been the best I've found w/ Haswell, Ripjaws X would be 3rd
  4. Okay, thanks man! It's probably also the best thing to do, buying the K model and the Gskill Tridents!
  5. But i have a limited budget so, back to the CPU, would you say the i7 4770k is MUUUUCH better than the i5 4670k?? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Only need the 4770K if you plan on needing Hyper Threading, otherwise the 4670K is plenty and for DRAM would look for at least 8GB in 2x4GB, prob 1866 or 2133, the Tridents and Snipers from Gskill are the best I've found w/ Haswell rigs
  7. Okay, thanks for your help!!! I appreciate it!
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