Should i build a new Gaming PC or Upgrade parts?

Hey there. So i had my Gaming PC built at the local computer store back in 2009 for about $1400 (seemed like the majority of that price was for the actual parts, maybe $100 for them building it). I use it almost purely for gaming but it is also my every-day pc and i use it daily. I have noticed over the past year or two the PC getting slower at loading, the internet taking longer to load, low FPS in games, etc. I regularly run virus/malware/spyware programs, clean my registry and system, and keep my drivers up to date. So i am curious if maybe it is just time for a new PC (and give this one to my gf since her old AlienWare Laptop struggles with some newer games), or upgrade a couple components that are bottle-necking my system... here are the specs.. i just wanted to see what your opinions are.. I am wanting to spend under $1,000 if i end up needing to build a new pc, which ill just do myself.. I heard a SSD for your system files and a normal HD for everything else is a good idea.. and iv had people suggest just upgrading my video card to a GTX 650 Ti and ill be good to go... any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.. thank you :)

- OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
- MOBO: Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H, DDR2, 7PCI Slots, Maximum Memory Capacity 16,384MB, Maximum Memory Module Size 4096MB, 4 Memory Slots
- CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 (Quad Core) 620 Processor 3000MHz (Socket AM3 938), Original Clock 2600MHz, Original System Clock 200MHz, 13.0 Multiplier, 2600MHz CPU Clock, 200.9MHz System Clock, 2009.1MHz HT Link
- MEMORY: x4 DDR2 (PC2-6400) Mushkin 991580, 2048MB Capacity, 800MHz (400x2) Speed
- NETWORK ADAPTER: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, 1000Mbps, Ethernet 802.3
- VIDEO: AMD Radeon HD5750, 1024MB Memory, 1013MB Dedicated Vid Memory, 3839MB Shared System Memory, DirectX 11, PCIe 2.1 x16 Bus Interface, Engine Clock Speed 550MHz, Memory Clock Speed 800MHz GDDR5, Memory Data Rate 3.2Gbps GDDR5, Memory Bandwidth 51.2GB/sec. Can NOT Be Over-Clocked While Using 2 Monitors Due To Driver Issues They Will Not Fix
- SOUND: AMD High Definition Audio Device and Realtek High Definition Audio
- HD: Western Digital 1,000GB, SATA-600, 2048 Power Cycle Count, 32767KB Controller Buffer Size, 32 Queue Depth
- POWER SUPPLY: Not Sure.. Power Supply Is Upside-Down So Info Is Hidden.. Looks Like An Antec Basiq Power Supply
- PERFORMANCE SCORE: Everything Is 7.2 Besides The Primary Hard Disk Being A 5.9
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  1. Just get a new pc. Nothing is really worth keeping.
  2. Well if i go that route, i am guessing go with a 3.0 PCI slot motherboard.. even though i am sure in a year or two there will be 4.0 PCI and the 3.0 will become obsolete.. and then the endless research of Radeon VS Nvidia.. heh.. i heard Nvidia gets a boost from most games being made for Nvidia Optimization...
  3. I'll come up with a build that would be good for you. Do you want to overclock?
  4. I have not done much over-clocking, but i would probably use the overclocking programs for the video card and cpu... i mainly play mmo games and higher-end games if that helps.. thanks for helping me out by the way
    You may want to add a couple 120mm case fans
  6. thats not bad... any way to get a decent build for closer to $600-700?
  7. lucasz said:
    You may want to add a couple 120mm case fans

    Take $60 off that price, he can reuse his current hard drive.
  8. a buddy recommended this set up for cheaper... but still around $900 if you add the case and fans.. i guess Asrock and AMD go together really well and the Asrock OC software is integrated into the bios

    This is a bit cheaper than the suggestions above. It reuses your optical drive and hard drive. You could knock off an extra $100 by reusing your old case. You'll get much better performance in games compared to your current computer.
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