overclocking 3570k with Hydro H60 2013


I need some advice on how to improve my cpu performance, last week I bought the msi GTX 780 TI gaming 3g, in 3dmark11 I get a physics score of 7300 with my 3570k on stock clocks.

First of is this physics score correct?

Also in crysis3 in the first open field level with everything turned up I see my fps drop to below 30s and I did some research and I think it is my cpu bottlenecking the gpu in this case.

I also found out that some games, crysis 3 for example does utilize the hyperthreadiing from a 3770k.

What would be the best thing to do? OC my 3570k or sell the 3570k and buy a 3770k and oc that?

My goal is to get crysis 3 above 40fps at all times.
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  1. overclock the 3570k to 4.0

    4.2 if u watch the temps closely.
  2. Overclock the 3570K.
    You can probably get 4.2-3 on stock or less than stock voltage.
    If not;well your chip isn't teh awesome but..at least it should do that and a bit more.
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