Windows 8.1 Home Server, Storage Spaces or RAID, good idea? What hardware to run it on?

Hello everyone,

I'm planning a build of a home server and don't want to go down the WHS 2011 because it is only available from a vender that sells machines.

I was planning using windows 8.1 Pro using a motherboard that supported RAID, that is until I read this article.

I now want a sever that either, I buy of an off the shelf small business server or I build one myself.

I don't know which server I could buy or which motherboard I could base my own build around. I'm after low noise low power consumption an easy life.

I personally like the idea of building my own unit. If I go the Storage Spaces route i won't need any RAID capability which appeals as a less hassle option.

I really appreiciate your comments as to the pros and cons of using Win 8.1 & Storage Spaces.

I'd also appreicate some hardware or component options. To install this on.
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  1. You can get WHS2011 as OEM (it's $50 on Amazon).
    As for data - I would not rely on Storage Spaces for extending. If you really care for your data, make sure you have backup strategy as well - RAID (or Storage Spaces) are no replacement for a good tested backup
  2. Depending on your needs there are several free alternate nas software solutions which offer both software raid and the expansion capabilities of Storage Spaces. Heck even whs11 has a plugin for it now (not sure if its free though)
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