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Hi guys,

Im going to upgrade to a 23" from my old Dell 19" and after some research have narrowed it down to 2 monitors at that size in my price range that are easy to obtain - The AOC I2369VM and the LG 23EA63V Aside from general usage i'll be using the monitors primarily to do digital photo editing and design work and also to play a few mmo games inbetween, such as SWTOR and WOW.

From what i can tell both are approximately the same price and specs. I like the design and looks of the silver AOC better (my old dell was silver and i prefer silver over black) and it seems to have excellent reviews. On the other hand, the LG is a more flagship brand and for some reason the reviews both written and on youtube seem to have it as an exceptional picture quality.

Not a crucial question this one, and i am aware it's probably as broad as it is long and down to personal preference, but i just thought i'd ask peoples opinions before i buy and also in case i've missed anything glaring obvious! :-)
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  1. All I can say is that I have never had a good experience with LG.
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