Windows 7 Media Network: One computer uploads terribly slow/freezes other computers

I have one PC and two laptops on a network.
The PC is connected via ethernet to the router, the laptops are either on wifi or through ethernet.
There's no internet right now (uploading from my PC on the internet in the past has been fine)
The two laptops can share files perfectly fine with each other, both uploading and downloading.
The PC can download from both laptops.
However, if I try to access files on my PC via a laptop, it goes painfully slow.
I'll open a video file, explorer will try loading it (and say that it's not responding and if it'd like to close it) then a few minutes later it will load a couple kb then go right back to a few minutes of unresponsiveness.

I've tried disabling tcp autotuning.
I've also tried playing with remote differential compression.
There's no newer drivers.

All computers are on Windows 7, all with the same share settings.

I'm stumped guys.
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  1. I reinstalled all my Ethernet drivers and now it works. Well that was a waste of 4 hours haha.
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