Which will melt first my CPU or my brain!!

I have spent a large proportion of my day searching the forum for some research on my CPU temps and there is so much conflicting info I think my brain may be about to explode!

Basically… I rebuilt my PC in early January and have been really please with it so far. Spec is as follows:

MOBO: MSI Z87 – G45 Gaming
CPU: 3.4Ghz i5 4670k (Stock Cooler)
GPU: 2GB MSI GTX 770 Lightning
PSU: Corsair CX600m

I used my existing case which is a pretty standard cheap mid tower. The fans are not working as they are old 2 pin connectors. I intend to change the case in March so I’m not losing sleep over that!

My Idle temps are around the high 30 – low 40 Celsius. With plenty running, outlook, chrome, avast, spotify evernote, etc if I watch a HD video on youtube it ranges up in to the 50’s. During gaming on most games it’s in the 60’s. However…bought Crysis 3 at the weekend to see if I could really make it chug! I get 54FPS on some average FRAPS benchmarks with very high everything with AA off. Using core temp on one session one of the cores maxed at 79 Celsius but since the max has been mid/high 70’s in Crysis with some background programmes running . This is based on an hours session.

The GPU has not gone over 79 degrees with 99%load.

Question is should I be concerned about my CPU temps considering the whole point of Crysis is to stretch systems? Although I built my system myself I’m really nervous about thermal paste so would rather avoid having to add a hyper 212 if possible, or is that inevitable??

I don’t intend to overclock anything really and may do some occasional video editing in the future (nothing frequent though)

I would welcome your thoughts, Thanks!
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  1. Stock coolers are pretty week, a Hyper 212 Evo would probably fix your issue. Many people tend to ignore case fans, though, or set them up wrong. How many fans do you have and how are they arranged?
  2. Your temps are fine, especially for the stock cooler. If you ever plan on overclocking, or start hitting the 85-90C range (same with GPU), then start looking at the 212 Evo/better thermal paste.

    The 212 Evo works great, and if you're really worried about your temps then throw one on. I'm running my i5-4670k at 4.4GHz and peak around 65ish (+/- 5C) while gaming heavily.

    Adding good air circulation will help decrease temps some too.
  3. He said he hit 79c. That's not safe. 75 is the max you want a CPU to hit. Some people will even say 62, but that's ridiculous.
  4. To be fair i tested prime95 for about a minute earlier and reached 84 so i'm going to get a 212 Evo asap! there are 2 fans in the current case but as i say they are not working at all. I was planning on upgrading my case anyway so o think its time to take the plunge for that too!!

    I hope the 212 Evo does solve the issue! As i type this its ticking over in the low 30's so i think its just the stock cooler being awful under load!

    Ah well you live and learn!

    Thanks so much for all of your help!

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