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So I'm new to the site and PC Gaming in general. I am planning on building a PC in the first week of March. Im trying to stay within $1,500 budget, I Do Not Need a monitor, speakers, keyboards or mouse. I also do not need a OS. This PC will be primarily for gaming only. I'd also like to have the ability to add over time if needed. Ok.. This is what I got so far.
1. CPU. Intel I7. $320
2. MB. Asus Sabor. $240
3. RAM. 16GB. Corsair. $164
4. GPU. EVGA. GTX 770. $359.
5. HDD. 120GB. Samsung EVO. $89
6. PSU. Corsair CX 750 $90
7. Case. CM. storm stry. $160
8. DVD. Samsung. $50.

Total. .. $1,472.

Any suggestions or possible changes I should consider please feel free.
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  1. Thanks. I'll look into the Maximus Hero. And the other PSU's. Aside from that does the build seem to be what I'm going for ? Again I'm super new to PC Gaming.
  2. It will definitely be built in a few weeks. Just need to check into your suggestions and start ordering. Thanks for your input.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate your suggestions. I'll definitely look into this. I do intend on a CPU cooler. Just unsure if I want liquid or not.
  4. Definitely a good selling point. Maybe I will go liquid.
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    Ik you've probably already bought the parts, but in the sli test chance that you didnt, I would like to suggest something.

    1.Replace the mobo with an Asus z-87 pro/plus or asrock extreme 6/4.
    2. Using the money saved from the mobo, upgrade gpu to amd radeon r9 290 or gtx 780(probably the gtx 780).
    3. Try to cut down the price a bit on the case and optical drive if you can

    You should be set to go :D
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