For Sale: Gaming Desktop i5 3570K GTX 780 8GB RAM etc... $900 Shipped

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  1. This thing is a beast, plays anything i throw at it on 1080p. Everything is like new and in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Includes case side cover. Majority of items still have full warranty. Have Receipts for everything.
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    I've gone ahead and ninja edited your post above, please don't disclose your:

    Personal Information
    Phone Numbers

    That's why we have the PM feature :)

    But since I'm here - I hope that machine goes to a good home!
  3. Thanks and sorry for that.

    Yes, me too. its an awesome rig and hopefully someone soon will be enjoying it like i did.
  4. no one? :(
  5. Woah, if I didn't just build mine two days ago I would have jumped right on this! This is a steal:) Hope if finds a great home! Great job with your build!
  6. If you decide to part out I"ll likely take those ripjaws off your hands. Great price for the whole set though!
  7. I rather not but if it comes to that then your first in line for the RAM
  8. no one wants a sick rig decently priced?
  9. $1000 Shipped and insured, i'll cover paypal fees!!
  10. $900 shipped!
  11. I'll buy it from you bud, gimmie a few days to scope it out, swamped with exams atm.
  12. $900 Shipped to Canada...?
  13. $900 shipped to US or Canada
  14. Hi,

    Sent you a pm. I think I may have mistyped the price, I meant to offer the full price in my pm, on the "conditions" I gave.

  15. Awesome machine and price, GLWS
  16. Sent PM!
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