Can a stock i7 4770k bottleneck GTX 760 4gb Graphics Card? {Skyrim}

Hello. I am hoping to build a nice system sometime used for gaming and have chosen a cpu
and video card that I believe will handle games smoothly on Ultra settings with graphical mods installed.

The cpu is an Intel Core i7 4770k. I am not interested in over clocking it, so not sure if you all may know of a better cpu for around the same price, I am open to ideas.

The video card is an EVGA GeForce GTX 760 4gb version which I found that certain graphical mods require more VRam, so I am going for 4gb instead of 2gb.

I was just wondering if you all believe the i7 would bottleneck this video card at stock? or would there be any way to tell? Could a motherboard also hinder any of the 2 components' features or abilities in performing at their best or is it strictly cpu/gpu that should be the main concern?

Having slower DDR3 RAM will not cause the GDDR5 VRam to under perform? or do these have nothing to do with one another?

Thank you for more information regarding these things. The main game I am going to be playing is Skyrim at Ultra 1920x1080 using ENB Boost/Climates of Tamriel plus other graphical mods. I may even host big battles like you see others do on YouTube, so hopefully all of that will or can run smoothly too with these graphical mods.

Again, I am open to suggestions if you believe there are better components for around the same price that can better handle or can give the best performance in maxed out, graphical modded, big battles, Skyrim. :D

Do let me know if you need any other information or specifics about the build. Take Care all.
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  1. No a 4770k is not going to bottleneck ANYTHING.
  2. It wouldn't bottleneck 4 760s
  3. CTurbo said:
    It wouldn't bottleneck 4 760s

    Awesome! That is good to know. I was just so concerned with possible bottlenecking or compatibility issues. The one who made the videos that have these graphical mods in Skyrim, (SkyrimTuner), was running an i5 and a 2gb 650ti video card but was struggling with 30FPS and was not even doing any big battles. Just having the camera move around land and slowly walking with his character. I figure that an i7 with the GTX 760 4gb video card would be able to handle big battles easily and have higher fps too hopefully. So I shouldn't be as concerned about what features the motherboard has to offer or the ram that I choose? Are there motherboards that can give a "boost" in performance to the CPU or Video Card? =)
  4. The 4770k is the best gaming cpu that money can buy right now. The GTX760 is a very solid mid-high end video card. It will be a good setup for a while, you could add a 2nd 760 in the future to give you a boost when you need it.

    But having said that, smarter money would be getting the i5-4670k and GTX770 instead. It would be much better for gaming and costs about the same as the 4770k and GTX760.
  5. Oh yeah and just about any Z87 motherboard will do for the 4770k or 4670k
  6. Thank you for your recommendation. That is actually the motherboard I have been planning on getting. A Z87 Pro but I may get the cheapest Z87 which is almost $80 less, unless there is significant differences among them. Some Z87's have different letterings by them such as Z87k, etc.. I see those 2 cpu's are about the same but the i7 has 2mb of L3 more cache and hyperthreading? I am not sure if that would help if I do host big battles, 20 dragons flying around, etc.. all with the graphic add-ons. Hmm.. I guess I could message each one of those video makers who do that and ask what their PC specs are, hehe. So you would say an i5-4670k and a GTX 770 would be a much better balanced gaming rig? If I did get the i7, I would not need to upgrade in a long time though?
  7. Even if you get an i5 4670k and the GTX770, the i5 is going to outlast the video card by a long shot. The 4770k is the same, but it might outlast the i5 by a year or two. It's typically not worth the extra $100 to get when that $100 could be put towards more graphic power like going from the 760 to the 770, or from a 770 to a 780.

    Most of the time, the letters in the motherboard model are brand market jargon and are used only to separate model and are otherwise useless. The exceptions are often in the very first letter after Z87.

    Z87 is the chipset, the next letter may be X, M, or I

    Z87X = ATX
    Z87M = microATX
    Z87I = miniITX
    Z87XL = XL ATX

    and if it simply Z87 then it will almost always be ATX
  8. CTurbo said:
    No a 4770k is not going to bottleneck ANYTHING.

    Sorry! My CPU is i7 4770k and my GPU is GTX 760 1GB
    I play Battlefield 4 and I saw GPU line is lower than CPU line >>> The FPS lock arroud 30. How to fix it???
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