Ultrabook battery replacement vs buying a new one?

Hey guys,

So as of right now my Samsung Series 5's battery is failing and I'm wondering if it's worth saving. Right now the battery can only keep the system going for roughly 40 minutes; it's only a year and a half old so I wasn't really expecting this. The hinge also seems to have trouble supporting the screens so I'm wondering how good the build quality is and if it'll flex after being taken apart. With an i5-2467m, 4 GB RAM, and 500GB drive with expresscache is it worth keeping?

The whole purpose of this laptop is for school and I really don't need anything performance orientated because I have my desktop for that. It's mostly for taking notes and light browsing when I'm at school so quick booting, light form factor (ideally 11-13 in.) and a battery that lasts at least 5.5 hours a charge would be ideal. I'm on kind of a budget here and even though I can spend up to $1,100 I'm looking to stay more in the range of less than $800 if I do decide to buy.

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  1. i don't think someone gonna by laptop with dead battery.whats the brand of the laptop.
  2. No I'm not looking to sell the laptop, I'm wondering if I should repair it for myself or if I should scrap it and buy a new one.
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