Looking for ATX Motherboard that helps the following:

I need a dual cord atx motherboard that supports a 660 ti graphics card.
Our tower isn't that big but it would help if anyone can find a great match.
I have looked for over a month, so I need help!
If there is any motherboard like that, please give me info. on where to buy it.
Also if there is a motherboard with the same features that has more than 1 slot of RAM that would be very helpful.
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More about atx motherboard helps
  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Sure we'll help you! Motherboards are classified by the socket and by the size; you have already chosen ATX which is fine. Please let us know the socket size (which CPU?) and we can go from there.

    We also like to know the type of case you have; the make and model would help.
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