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Could someone please help me with this setup? I don't know where to place my subwoofer, and I want good bass for my music. I generally only listen to progressive house. So yeah, it is the whole time like 'boom, boom, boom.' Here is my scenario:

How good is the setup? Should the subwoofer be moved, or the speakers? Give me a comment below...
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  1. well if it was me... i would probably have the tower on the floor to the right of the desk. that is optional though. i have my own up on the desk but its against the wall. that would give you more room to center your monitor and put the speakers next to it. i would put the router behind the monitor. or wall mount it. either or.

    corners are generally good for subs. that is where i have mine (under my large desk on the right... in the corner)

    looks fine.

    you can see how i have my own setup in my signature link photo.
  2. Thanks for you reply!
    Uhm... I can place the sub also in the middle of my table? The speakers would I keep on there place, and do keep in mind that my table isn't so big. That is why my router is on top of my computer, also for signal of course...
  3. no. the subwoofer needs to be on the floor. in the corner where you have it is best.

    i would have the speakers one on the left and one on the right as you have them.

    i just suggested moving the router behind the monitor or off the table for more space. and whatever that box is on the right... it looks like some sort of internet router type box as well to me. i suggested moving the computer off the table (and putting it on the opposite side of the desk that you put the subwoofer) just to give you a little more room. this is of course optional.
  4. Okay cool thanks! (Sorry, I meant to say, to put the subwoofer under my table in the middle...)
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