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Ok so I'm a junior in high school. I've never even taken cadd or programming because I've been too focused taking all the AP classes. I'll take a course in an intro in visual basic but I can't take the course in C++. Where do you reccomend I start to learn? I want to know if computers could be right for me. I'm thinking chemical engineering or like computer science. I've never really been enthralled with computers before but my build is starting a spark! I know a guy who does computer repair so should I maybe like intern with him? I'm really interested in computational chemistry also. Sorry for the length of the message!
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    I would start with youtube. Check out some how-to videos, download the correct programs, and follow their instructions. Find out if you truly have a passion for programming and this isn't just a phase. If you still find yourself wanting to learn more, go to your local library and see if they have any recent programming books. If they do not, look somewhere such as amazon for some books. You an intern with the computer repair guy if you would also like to learn more about hardware but he may not know all that much about software because most repairs are hardware related.
  2. Ok thanks! I will do that. Hopefully I'll like it. The repair guy did electrical engineering and knows quite a bit of programming so I can ask him for help.
  3. Alright. Hope you enjoy it and please don't forget to pick a solution.
  4. As it comes out of my personal experiance you should seriously consider if you really want to study computer science.
    I was not convinced but i couldnt choose what i really want and i started IT studies and what now ... ? After 2 yrs of studying I found them really boring and time wasting for me. Althought I have a job connected with my education i feel terrible. My job drains whole life out of me and after all I am going back home and sleeping. Once again consider if you really want to sit in front of pc for whole your life.
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