I'm buying a new computer and want to know if i can use my old hdd with windows 7 on it?

As the title says I want to know if windows 7 on my hdd will run if I put it into a new computer.
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  1. It probably wont boot but if there's a windows 7 COA sticker on the side you can re-install windows 7 and use that COA.

    Try to do this:

    Remember after it shuts down you have to put the hard drive in your new computer so that when it starts up it will load your hardware as if it was just installed.
  2. Thank you so much! you just saved me 100 euro's xD, so how can i mark your post as the solution :)?
  3. Should have a green button that says pick as solution or something along them lines. But no problem if you have any more issues just come on back here.
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