my computer randomly freezes

i dont know why when or how but my computer is constantly freezing randomly
i got the gigabyte B85-HD3
8 gb ram
intel i5 4400 3.10
asus r7 260x
i tried updating drivers, reinstaling windows but no sulution
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  1. What psu do you have?
  2. Freezing is usually caused by overheating, a cheap PSU, or RAM issues. I'm also curious to see what PSU you have. What is the model number for your 8GB of RAM? Have you monitored the CPU/GPU temps?
  3. i think 450W or 500W not so sure
  4. is it restarding bcs of the psu?
  5. It's possible. You still haven't given us model numbers for your PSU or RAM, so we don't really have anything to go off of. The wattage means nothing. We need to know what brand and model number it is. I'm guessing it's a no-name PSU if you don't know what it is. The same goes for the RAM. Just saying 8GB of RAM doesn't tell us anything meaningful about the RAM.
  6. pse is MS Industrial Pro-550 ATX 2.03,550W
    ram PATRIOT Viper 3,8GB (2X4GB) DDR3,1600MHz,DIMM
  7. That PSU is junk. It only puts out 16A on the 12v rail. It should be replaced with a quality unit ASAP. If you're in the US then you can get this nice PSU for $25.99 with a $10 promo code and $25 mail-in rebate.

    XFX Core Edition PRO550W
  8. so my computer freezes bcs of the psu? can some1 explain me why and how i want to learn that
  9. A quality PSU is the most important component in your PC since it takes the AC power from the wall and turns it into the clean power your delicate components need to function correctly. A cheap PSU can't provide clean power and can send voltage spikes to your components which causes all sorts of stability issues.
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