what temperature my cpu should be with corsair h80i cooler ?

i have a core i5 3470 @3.2 with a h80i cooler, my idle temp is 27 to 32C while i'm on desktop and not running any app or game and h08i fans on 1600 rpm, is that normal ??? the h80i fans should be intake or exhaust fans for the case? does my case affect my CPU temp ? i have a thermaltake v9 blackX. and thank you for your answers.
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  1. Yes I have similar rig and get around 29 idle and 34c while running no apps. Gaming it gets around 50-55c. Don't be worried
  2. Intake or exhaust is up to you, however be advised... do not have exhaust exceed intake airflow. You end up with 'negative pressure' inside the case, and that will pull every speck of dust possible to it.. and not through a filter.

    If used as exhaust, motherboard temps will be slightly higher unless you can get direct airflow over the VRM's above the pump. With an air cooler, the fan does that naturally, with AIO's, no such luck. Case temps will be slightly lower, its an exhaust. We are talking 3-4* overall.

    If used as intake, (Corsair recommended), motherboard temps will be slightly lower, the fan (even through a radiator) is still creating a wind across the VRM's, helping those heatsinks work more efficiently. CPU temps (especially if the house has air conditioning) will be slightly lower. You are pulling cooler air across the radiator from outside, vrs air from case (affected by gpu, vrm's etc). Case temps however will be higher, especially during peak work time, since the h80 is blowing air through a hot radiator Into the case.

    All said, its your choice, depends a lot on what fans you already have and what jobs they are doing.

    My h-55 runs my 3570k @ 29* idle, used as top exhaust, no rear exhaust. Single Noctua NF-F12 in push. Motherboard temp @ 30* idle. Prime95, small ffts, got me to 64* max, 1/2 hr test.
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