i7-3630QM and HM65 Express chipset compatibility. Acer 3830TG.


I have a Acer 3830TG having G2 socket and HM65 express chipset. I would like to upgrade the processor, currently I have a i5-2430M (Sandy Bridge/G2/HM54/o.32nm/35W/100.C max).

The i7-3630QM uses G2 socket but is not said to be compatible with HM65 Express chipset but all the HM7xx ...

What is the risk to try that CPU on my laptop? Is there any danger, or just the computer would not start with this CPU.

Also, from forum I have seen that the laptop support i7-2860QM that is Ivy Bridge, 0.22nm, 45W, 100.C max, just like the i7-3630QM (but 105.C max).

So would this i7-3630QM fit with HM65 express chipset fit in the end? Has anyone tried?

If not what would be the best processor available for upgrade (G2/HM65)?

Thank you for your help.
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  1. It just wouldn't work. Don't do it. An i7 3615QE is probably your best choice.
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