Strange keyboard behavior

I have a 7 year-old pc and I finally got a new video card. So I plugged it in there like normal, and, when trying to install my windows xp sp3, I cannot get past BIOS.

My keyboard did not work, so I tried another one, which didnt work either. Then I tested both of them on another pc and they worked perfectly. And when I press something on them a strange noise comes out of the system, I think from the hard drive.

By the way, my specs are:
Msi 945PL Neo3 motherboard
some old Pentium dual core
Nvidia Geforce gt210 1gb dd3 64bits
2 Gb Ram

So what could be the problem? I forgot to mention I plugged the keyboard on all usb slots and ps/2 and everytime this strange noise came out when I tried pressing something.
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  1. You could have a faulty motherboard.
  2. So should I get a new pc or can I do something to fix it?
  3. Gaby Ioan said:
    So should I get a new pc or can I do something to fix it?

    Unless you will replace your motherboard, I would say new PC.
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