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I have Samsung T190 and Nvidia graphic card, but resolution on my monitor is 1440x900 and latest NVidia drivers doesn't support this resolution. My question is, how to set up good looking custom resolution using NVidia control panel at 75hz?
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  1. There is no way the latest drivers don't support 1440x900.
    Are you using beta drivers or stable?
  2. latest, they just don't support it since 2009,2010
  3. zareggs said:
    latest, they just don't support it since 2009,2010


    Good luck.
  4. zareggs said:
    latest, they just don't support it since 2009,2010

    That doesn't make any sense. They wouldn't drop a common resolution like 1440x900
    What resolutions do you have available as choices?
  5. Just check Release Notes, there is no support since driver 178... something like that. Last I used windows xp with latest driver and there was 1280x800 which is ok because its 16:10, but now im using windows 8.1 64bit and if I check 1280x800 it cuts from top and bottom from the screen(very strange), I installed and driver for monitor, but it fills my displays at 1280x1024 which is very unrealistic because 1024 should be 800. And why there is no display with dvi cable when you are not in windows?(for example in bios)
  6. Ok, I did a custom 1440x900 resolution, but again black borders at top and bottom. That happened after I installed windows 8.1 yesterday. I'm fine to use 1280x800 but tell me how to fill the display without black borders. I tried the simple solution to change size of all items in personalize>display, it doesn't work.
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