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My son's computer has a garbage wireless module and I thought I would fix this by connecting a spare router I have. I turns out that I only gave myself a massive headache and spent a few hours surfing these forums (and others) with no clear answer.

Here's what I want to do:
Use my existing cable modem with built in wireless router.
Connect his computer to my "spare" wireless router via ethernet.
Connect my "spare" router wirelessly to the cable modem's existing network.

Cable modem/router is a Arris TG862G/CT
Spare router is a Netgear WNDR4000 (N750)

I have messed with many of the settings in the Netgear router, but cannot find anyway to make it connect to the Arris. It seems that the only way is to hook it up via ethernet, but that is not an option given the physical locations of everything. I've read several articles on bridging and creating access points which would be great if both routers were wired. Is this possible?

Standing by for guidance... Thanks!
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  1. Emerald said:

    Thanks Emerald! I'll have to give this a try.

    I feel like a moron after posting this as the "related resources" below showed dozens of same questions after I posted (including your response to another user with the same answer). Funny how those things never show up until you stick your face out there to be slapped!
  2. no problem

    just make sure the router version matches.

    it showed v1 on the DD-WRT website. Check the label on your router by the model number. If it does not show any version it usually is v1. Should your router be a different version (i.e. v2) do not install the v1 firmware. Rather check the forum for help, you might find a firmware that will work on a v2.
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