Looking for cheap good gaming graphics card!

currently running:Processor: Intel i5 4440 CPU @ 3.1 GHz
RAM: 8g
Windows 8 64 bit Intel (R)
Graphics Card :HD Graphics 4600
Monitor: HP 23' IPS LED backlit

I just want to upgrade my Graphics card to a better but somewhat cheap card. Somewhere between $150-$250, but I am having trouble finding a decent card because lots of products and it's kind of confusing me. I want to be able to run new gen games at at least medium quality.
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  1. Hey you have a good processor.

    in 150 -200 dollars your choice would be Gigabyte r9 270 which can be had for 195 dollars and will play everything at max to ultra settings on full HD monitor.

    But then again , I don't know your power supply.

    You might have to change your PSU too.

    If you have to choose a PSU + GPU in 200 dollars then you go for EVGA PSU 500W for 40 dollars leaving you 160 dollars for the card.

    In that range, the card to suit your needs is r7 260x for 145 dollars.

    this combo will let you play games at medium to high settings.

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