Building a new system, some advice please (been 5 years since last)

So looking to build a new system, currently have an msi ge70 with 2xssd in raid 0 with the gtx 765m.

anyway looking to build a PC.

my spec at the minute is;

i7 4770k
asus maximus vi mobo
8gb corsair vengeance
nvidia gtx780ti
recommended soundcards?
should i raid some SSD or go with 1 large 250gb ssd? with a 2tb storage?

im unsure on what case to go with, im thinking the CM HAF stacker, as im looking to expand in the future (SLI, water cooling etc.)

what power supply should i be going for for future proofing my system?

recommend a monitor? id like a 120hz benq monitor is there any other good brands out there?

i will be playing games like BF4, CSGO etc

have i missed anything?
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  1. can anybody help?
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