3-4 Years experience in IT, should I skip CompTIA Certs?

I work at a small company as the System/network administrator. Also IT manager. I've been working with break/fix on PCs and printers. Troubleshooting Network issues, doing network drops. I also work with numerous server types.

My question is, I want to expand my knowledge and get some certifications because I have none. Should I still start with the CompTIA Certifications, or skip them and go for MS and Cisco certs. I plan on sticking with my current path with administration.

I'm currently studying the Network+ book and everything it is talking about I am familiar with. Doesn't mean I will be able to pass the test right now, but it's things I have heard or used before in practice.
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  1. I would definitely skip the A+. Its really for people looking to get into IT. You are much better off looking at Microsoft and Cisco.
  2. Go with Cisco and others. Def wouldn't bother with A+ at this point
  3. Yes I got my A+ because it helped me get my first IT job but if you have experience don't worry about it and go for MCSE or some Cisco. Look into net+ too. A+ is tough now because it's no longer for ever so eventually it's just going to expire on you.
  4. If I were you I'd look into your work offering tuition reimbursement and getting a masters degree and then work on certs. I know with large companies they really look for degrees. However if you are strictly looking at certs, I'd say go with higher level ones. The higher level certs being certs from Cisco and Microsoft, another extremely valued cert is the CISSP (or a different cert from the (ISC)^2).
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