Computer says "Reboot and select proper boot device."

Hi, I'm new to Tom's Hardware so hopefully this is in the right spot. I'm completely new to building computers, and i just put together my first build. When I tried to start it up, all it says is "Reboot and select proper boot device, or choose a different boot device and press a key." Or something along those lines. I have an optical drive connected and it has a Windows 7 disk in it. I'm not sure what the problem is, and any help would be appreciated. Cooler Master

My system specs are:
Cooler Master HAF 912
Rosewill Hive 650
Gigabye GA-z77-D3H
Cooler Master TPC 612
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  1. Make sure it is set to boot to the cd first.
  2. How do I change that? I don't get any BIOS screen?
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    DannyB127 said:
    How do I change that? I don't get any BIOS screen?

    go to your bios screen (press F8 as soon as the system boots)
    go to boot==> boot device priority and then set the first boot device to Cd rom
    try restarting the system.
    if it still says Re
    boot and select proper boot device

    then ensure that you have a bootable disk.

    if have a genuine disk (os) then it will be bootable
  4. if your pc is running on hdd then try with cd rom as first priority. Set this from BIOS set up by pressing F2 or Del keys(applicable in most of motherboard).
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