AMD VS INTEL for fraps/streaming/gaming/video editing

I'm looking at getting a i7 4770k for streaming/fraps/video editing or a comparable amd card. What is better in these sorts of things. Can most programs use multiple cores or hyperthreaded cores?
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  1. There is no comparable AMD cpu.
  2. For working with heavily multithreaded programs the FX8350 is actually not beaten for its pricetag.

    And if you want to livestream/record a lot of should look into Shadowplay. That's an nvidia exclusive feature that allows you to stream or record live...without trashing your performance.

    Long story short, video editing or use of heavily multithreaded applications the FX-8350 is king in its pricefield...if you don't mind spending 2x the money then you can also get like 10-15% more performance in that the 10-15% higher speeds necessary for a pricetag twice as high?

    That is your question to answer.

    In gaming Intel is always superior due to way stronger single core performance and acceptable multicore performance...but if it goes in direction of multimedia you have to ask yourself : Am I ready to pay a huge premium price?
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