i7 vs i5 a different look on the core.

Take this i5 set clock speed to 3.0 ghz no turbo

take this i7 set clock speed to 3.0 ghz no turbo no HT

run bench mark. Will they score the same? are the i7 cores the same as the i5?
then what about xion's?
drop HT and turbo set clock speed to 3.0 and benchmark.
I have always herd Xeon's have different instructions, but has anyone tried battlefield on one? i would like to see a benchmark with all the CPU's above with the same systems attached.
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  1. If benchmark is designed to handle more than 4 threads, the i7 will beat i5. If a benchmark is cache sensitive, the i7 will win still with HT off since it has more cache. The 1230v3 will perform no different than an i7 at the same clock speed.
  2. the architecture is the same for both. the only difference aside from HT is the larger cache which doesn't affect much to be honest. and yes the xeons are i7s without the integrated graphics (starting with the E3 1230 that is, the 1225s and lower are more or less i5s)
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