Pc boots on TV then switches to pc monitor when logging in

This problem just started happening. My pc will boot on the TV first then one it go to the login prompt it switches to the monitor? If I unplugged the hdmi cord to the TV it's fine but when I leave it on it does it.. Was doing fine until right now? I turn off multiple displays and only set the monitor as primary... I'm using a Gtx 660 gpu if that matters
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    What are you attempting to do here? Mirror both displays? Use the TV as an extended desktop?

    The log-in prompt will always show up on the screen that is set as your 'primary' display (which will also have your task bar and start menu). If set up to mirror both displays then it should show up on both screens, but if set up to extend the displays then it will only show up on the primary, which is the left most display by default.
  2. No it use to just boot up fine from the pc monitor as it was the master display. But now it'll boot up from the TV then switches to the pc monitor when I login.. I've turn off all settings for multiple displays but yet the TV will show the boot screen while my monitor has black screen..
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