Whole computer lags affecting gaming, mouse ect

Good afternoon all, I have a problem.

My computer will randomly lag including any audio/video/games/mouse. My FPS stays over 30 when this happens (150-220 fps normally) but my ping will go to 500-10,000.

I have tried the normal quick fixes including wiping the HDD and installing the SSD to boot,

I have an i3-2120 @ 3.30Ghz - Temp does not exceed 30c
Windows 7 64-bit home premium
GT 630 2gb ddr 1600 mhz
6GB ram
Razer Naga Wired mouse
Kingston 120gb SSD for boot, antivirus ect.

Before anyone says the computer isn't good enough my "can i run it" is topped out on the games I play. http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/league-of-legends/10933/?p=a
Also this happens outside of gaming. i.e. now while i'm typing this.
It also happens when using skype making the sound chopy.

I am on wifi as it isnt possible to hardwire to my office without a BT engineer. However I even changed ISP and literally tripled my down/up.

2 of my friends work in IT and they are both stumped as to the problem. They also did all the imaging & installs of new hardware to make sure i didnt mess it up as user error is always a factor.

If anyone can help I would be beyond grateful.
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  1. If the lag still happens after the OS has been deleted and reinstalled then it is a hardware issue. Could be as simple as a bad BIOS setting or a bad part. I suggest you start stress testing the PC to try to find the issue.

    stress test programs:
    Memtest86+ = for the Ram. I suggest you start here as testing the CPU uses ram and if the ram is bad the CPU will fail the test.
    Prime95 = for testing the CPU.
    Intel Burn Test = for testing the CPU.
    OCCT for testing the GPU only.

    all of these are free and work well and YES use both CPU stress test to be sure it is stable, just not at the same time.
  2. forgot to add:
    all drivers updated.
    used to run fine on just the i3 internal gfx - bought the card thinking the processor was over taxed and other than +100 fps in games it hasn't fixed anything.
    not running the standard psu or case - they were both replaced to increase power and give the PC more room to breathe.
    I have changed antivirus, defragged, formatted, reinstalled windows & just about anything else this site and others suggest.
  3. this may sound stupid but memtest86+ is just trying to get me to burn something to disk.
    I dont know if im dl the right thing here....
    ISO? Binary? what should i be using?
  4. ISO. burn it to a CD/DVD and run it from boot just like when you are installing the OS.
  5. It might not solve anything, but I'm skeptical that your CPU temp doesn't exceed 30C. It likely isn't even idling that low, much less the temp under load.

    Have you verified that your local wifi environment isn't cluttered? With pings that skyrocket to 10 seconds, it sounds like you've got wifi issues. You can have a very strong connection to your router, but if there's interference, you can drop packets like crazy. Have you tried adjusting the channel of your wifi router to an uncluttered channel? You can scan the local wifi around you with many different applications to determine which channels are most-used, and go to a different channel (or otherwise, utilize 5GHz, if you have 5GHz compatible hardware).

    It just sounds like you're having network problems. Where are you in proximity to the wifi access point? Are there other devices using the wifi simultaneously?
  6. Ram test comfirms cpu temp between 45-50 not above. looks like the other program wasnt accurate.

    bgunner: ram test no issues detected.
    did find one of thram cards loose that ive re plugged in. still having the issue. will try the other tests.

    teh_chem: I'm about 6 meters/18 feet fro the router. old house so hence needing an engineer to change the access point. wifi wise i dont get this issue on my laptop when im outside.
    other devises just the occasional iphone.

    We did change ISP, lowered our contention ratio from 1/50 to 1/33. got a new router as well.

    I have an 802.11n wireless lan card. apparently that means its 5ghz compatible. We have a Sky (BskyB) Hub that aparently automatically checks for uncluttered channels. this cant be the problem as I had the problem before switching ISP and sadly isnt 5ghz compatible only 2.4GHz 802.11n standard, backwards compatible with 802.11 b/g standards.
  7. any sugestions on network checking tools?

    how long should i leave Prime 95 running? its showing no issues at he moment and cpu is at 100% usage

    also thanks so far guys, I appreciate the help
  8. run prime95 for 5 hours minimum. does this lag happen when you are not gaming? My understanding is that this happens also out of game.
  9. Hi all, sorry I have not got on.

    Problem is still there. happening regardless of activity.

    Prime 95 ect. still showing no problems.

    I have changed the network card port its in.

    also discovered i seem to have no LAN connection from the re build. as the problem was before the rebuild i dont think thatd be relevent
  10. well if prime doesnt show an error after 30mins and u havnt been overclocking its not the cpu and u might as well not kill it. my brother has a razer wired mouse that collects dust because of similar functionality. plug a 30 dollar logitech in and it works fine now
  11. it could have to do with the faster polling rate it commands. also its usb 3.0 and he was running it on 2.0
    i tried using it on my 3.0 it felt like it was commanding fine in games but i dont like the firmware so much or how wide the model is.
    i will say i lost some respect for razer after sponsoring game booster. such useless junk only asking for trouble
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