Quick SSD/HDD recommendation?

I'm looking for a quality internal desktop SSD around 255 GB, but might go up or down for there if the bang-for-buck ratio leads me there. sata 6

I was thinking about this one, but wouldn't mind spending a little less:

Samsung 840 Pro Series 256

The TH guide on these seemed to be for notebooks so that confused me.

While I'm here does this HDD have a pretty good reputation? As long as it's as fast as anything else and is decent quality, I'm not too picky. This one is 320 GB, but I could go a little less. Is the 16 MB cache on this one considered good or is there something significantly better in the same price range? Likewise, is 7200 RPM considered good for this price range?

Seagate Barracuda 320GB 3.5

Any buyers guides regarding HDD or SSD for desktops please direct me if not in a link then just point me in the right direction.

Thank you!
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  1. To save a few bucks from the pro you can drop down to an evo. You lose a little speed and only get a 3yr warranty.

    that HDD is ok but the faster ones now are their 1TB platter drives which I beleive this 1tb is the smallest they make:

    Only a few bucks more than the 320 too...
  2. popatim,

    Thanks, good tips on both the SSD and HDD. There's an evo with or without the desktop kit. Why would I need a desktop package? (MZ-7TE250KW)? If I buy a new mobo wouldn't that have everything I need to hook it up?

    So the segate HDD you linked, I guess it's faster because of the 64MB cache? Any reason to look for a drive with more than 7200 rpm or is this not cost effective? Does large storage size slow access speed or take away from longevity? It's cheap enough, but I don't think I need 1TB.
  3. The desktop kit includes Migration Software, Bracket, Screws, SATA Cable, Power Cable, USB to SATA Cable, and Drive Spacer. The form factor of the SSD is, in most cases, 2.5" If your case has a spot in the drive cage for a 2.5" drive then you shouldn't need the desktop kit.
  4. kenrivers,

    I just purchased a new Fractal R4 case so I think that will have the cables. Thanks for the information.

    I think I'm going to get the Samsung 840 evo 250GB for the SSD.

    What about my noob question about HDD size? Will a 1TB drive perform significantly more slowly than a 320GB drive simply because there's more area for the reader to travel or is that flawed logic?
  5. If there is a speed difference it would probably not be enough to make a noticeable difference. Go with the 1TB drive.
  6. Cool. Thanks for your advice!

    Edit: FYI, reviews for this 1TB drive over at newegg are mixed with more recent reviews showing a number of drive failures... just something to be aware of.
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