Will a GTX 770 SC w/ACX 2GB support Two 1600x900 monitors

So i have a GTX 770 SC w/ ACX 2Gb, and a single 1600x900 monitor. In the future i would like to upgrade to two Monitors (1600x900). I was wondering if my GTX could support it? If so, how would my performance go down in games.
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    Yes it will be able to support it easily. The performance may drop if you have the game on both monitors. the desktop/ game combo wont be a noticeable drop.
  2. Yeah, it will support both screens and the preformance difference in games will be insignificant like a loss of 5-7 frames at an average.
  3. A single gtx 770 is good for most 1080p games. A 1080p monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080, which is 2,073,600 pixels. So, you'll be good up to that amount of pixels.

    Two 1600x900 monitors have 2,880,000 pixels. That is 806,400 more pixels, or 0.39% more. If you get another monitor at the same resolution, you should get another 770. They scale in SLI to give about 75% more performance, so you'd be rock solid with another one.

    By coincidence, I'm actually selling a brand new one. It's the Windforce version from Gigabyte. They are $380 new, but I plan to list it on eBay for $350. Let me know by private message if you're interested, and I'll give you first crack at it before I list :-)
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