Battlefield vs Call of Duty: Which one and why?

They have been going since 2002 and 2003 but which one would you say is better and why? I have played tiny bits of Black Ops II but I am quite into BF4 right now.
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  1. Both series are great but I'd like to play Battlefield more than COD because of BF don't come every year!
  2. BF. COD has been the same game since COD4, with different textures, guns and modes. Point and shoot, and whoever is faster (not just your reaction time, but internet speed/etc) wins.

    BF is still the large map based game it use to be, but offers a harder challenge. Sure, you might be good at killing everyone on foot, but wait! There's a tank. Pushes skill more I find, especially with how diverse the fight can be on different maps/in different areas.

    BF will always get my vote between those two.

    That said, I've moved on from both. New winner? Arma 3. Let the hate optimization hate commence.
  3. You can answer it youself.
    If you like to play the campaign mode(offline) the COD series is the best
    but if ure an online gamer bf4 for the win
    Hope This Helps !
  4. both are good. but MW had a good storyline. Bf:bad co to me was superb. they should have continued with that storyline instead
  5. COD has good Storyline and SP. BF has good MP.
    But looking at the Current gen, Bf4 is better(there are many netcode issues)
    COD Ghost isnt that good as MW3.
    BF community isnt so kind, they hate COD player, Noob or anyone who doesnt play Hardcore. But you get the ignore them and blow some buildings up.

    I hope I helped!
  6. if you want easy alot of kills and dont need that much skills (if you have played some fps before) then i would say cod still alot of raging kids hackers etc. cod is a fun game to past time sometimes and just get alot of kills.

    I personally always vote for bf i like battlefield 3 more then 4 but then again i havent played bf 4 as much i still think its an awsome game and i play it almost daily i love the maps the texture and the overall gameplay and modes its the best fps game in my options, ofc there is alot of glitched, bugs etc in bf4 because its dice but will most likley get updates and get better in the future its still a really good and nice game.
  7. I've never played the Battlefield series, but back when I played the CoD series on console, I very much enjoyed it. As of right now, I'm really looking forward to getting Battlefield 4, it looks great, more realism, much more roles to play and do on the team, and looks like it would feel like a great "War-like" game due to 64 player maps.

    I can't talk how I'll actually like the game, but their quality advertisement and praise for the game from the communities is good enough for me to get it soon.
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