Built a bran new gaming PC and keep getting the "No Signal" error message.

I built a new gaming PC with the specs: MSI A78M-E45 for the motherboard, CX430 for the powersupply, Radeon R7 260x for the graphics card, 8G Ballistix Sport for the RAM, 1TB WD Blue for the harddrive, and AMD Anthlon Richland 760k for the processor; and everything is hooked up correctly and everytime i plug in VGA cable to the PC to the monitor and turn both of them on i keep getting the no signal error message and i dont know whats going wrong. Please help.
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  1. Where is the VGA connected to? GPU or motherboard? Maybe your 260x isn't the default gpu selected. Check in bios
  2. Make sure every power plug is secure and tight, especially ATX, CPU, and PCI-E.
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    Ok here is your problem.
    You have a Richland X4 760k proccessor with a Apu.

    You need to connect the monitor cable to the motherboard first.
    You will then get a signal, or should do.

    After that enter the bios.
    And in the section to do with the graphics, turn the apu off.
    Or set in the list of options for the first output display device to PCI-E
    Save the settings before exiting the bios.

    And connect the monitor cable to the R260 card.

    MaY I say a 430w power supply to me seems a bit weak, based on an R260 card the APU and other devices in the system such as HD CD drives and power to the mobo.

    So if the instructions above fail to get a post of the computer or an image display on the monitor, it is likely the Psu is not up to the task, and the cause of the problems.
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