Best way to Improve FPS/Prevent B-neck

Hey guys, question is basically all in the title. I'm running on a 2560x1440 monitor @105hz. I'm trying to find the best way to keep the bottlenecking back, if there is any way, and what some good OC ratios were for a i7 2600k.
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    If you decrease resolution you gain fps. This can be achieved by decreasing your resolution settings or in game settings to lower detail levels. You give up quality for fps. Or you get a newer gpu that is strong enough to maintain higher fps; just make sure your psu is up to the task. Your 2600k is still a very good cpu. And you cannot just try someone else's oc settings, ratios etc. without some serious luck. You need to learn YOUR chip. It's not as simple as inputting someone else's clock settings just because you have the same cpu. Look up a guide with your cpu and mobo combo and you will find much more details on how to get that going. Have fun!
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