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What gaming mouse should i get?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 13, 2014 10:11:21 PM

So I have a R.A.T 9 gaming mouse and it's great. But i found out that apparently wired products are better then wireless, i didn't know that at the time of purchasing my mouse. I love the mouse but i would like to try something new, but I'm having some trouble deciding on what mouse to get. Below i have a few links to some mice I've considered and my thoughts on them. Keep in mind that the mouse would be used mainly for MOBA style games.

So i like this mouse because of the look mainly, it seems clean, smooth and well built. 8 programmable buttons, weights and LED's make it seem pretty customizable and simple.

There's not much to say about this mouse other than 15 buttons, that's insane. The fact that it doesn't have any weights to it does bother me though since I like a slightly heavy mouse (currently using 4 5g weights in my R.A.T 9). The functionality of this mouse is nice though, and I love the matte black finish.

And the last 1 i was looking at. Plenty of button options, a good look, and a company I'm familiar with.

Any advice would be awesome, and if there are any mice that I overlooked let me know.

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September 11, 2014 10:52:35 AM

dustinhunt78 said:
Can't beat these. They're very versatile, allowing you to modify I think 16 different buttons to whatever you want them to do.

I know this is a really late reply, but i actually ended up getting a corsair M95 after my R.A.T 9 failed on me. It's a quality mouse, the only issue i have is that i have tiny hands so i can only really press 3 - 4 of the 15 buttons, but it gets the job done and i love the matte finish. So, even though i didn't get it at the time of your suggestion, eventually I came around. Thanks!