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Hi, I am trying to connect to XBox Live through an access point (Netgear WNR2000v3). The XBox is able to connect to the network, but fails when trying to connect to the internet. The error I receive is (paraphrasing) "DNS servers can't resolve the names of the XBL servers or". I have tried both the actual DNS servers of my ISP and Google's public DNS servers.

Another problem I am experiencing is with port forwarding. I am able to forward all ports through my PC ( except for 80. When I try to forward port 80, the error I receive is "Pinhole element PrtFwd_7 has conflict with internal Web-TCP service 80, Either change pinhole port or redirect Web Port.". I only set up port forwarding on the router (Motorola 3347) and not the access point. I have researched this issue and found that I have to change the IP Passthrough. However, I have also read that this feature is not included in my router's firmware.

Finally, my third problem is that after setting up most of the port forwarding, I can still connect to the network on my PC (, but cannot connect to the internet. I'm guessing this has to do with forwarding port 80 but I'm not experienced enough to confirm this.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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  1. Update: Restarted router, internet now works on However, other problems still exist.
  2. Im on ps3 and im having the same issue. I cant forward port 80 for some reason. I think I have the same router as you do maybe qwest is blocking port 80. maybe just try and forward port 81 let me know how it goes.
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