Dual display vs Triple display - 22" vs 24" Dell IPS monitors

Dual display vs Triple display - 22" P2214H vs 24" P2414H Dell IPS monitors

For main uses photo editing, graphics work etc.

Business use.

What would you guys recommend?

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  1. IPS is good for editing. I use them myself. Dell is a good brand for IPS monitors right now. I run a triple Display on 2xASUS and an Overlord Tempest. One is 24'' and the other 2 ar 27''. Brand name is a personal thing IMO. triple display may require more Graphics power depending on the resolution and things you are going to display on them. I run 2x GTX 780Ti's which runs 1080 and 1440 on the monitors just fine. I use one for editing, one for watching videos and the other for gaming. So depending on how much you want to see or multitask with depends on how many monitors youll want. 2 was good when I had them but 3 is much better since my GPU's can handle it. Those are the factors that came up for me. Hope it helped.
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