Is Radeon R9 270x 2gb GDDR5 better than Asus GTX 660 ti 2gb GDDR5

I own the Radeon HD 6570 2GB GDDR3 and it really sucks in games as you might know. Now i have a really big trouble choosing the right graphics card for my system, which is :

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHZ (Soon upgrading to i5 3.0 GHZ)
Motherboard: Gigabyte (not sur what the model is, but its LGA775 socket)
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6570 2GB GDDR3.
Ram: 4Gb 1600Mhz Rip Jaws.
PSU: 600watt CIT Golden Edytion,
HDD: Calviar Blue 650GB
Case: X-Blade Limited Edytion.

So i need to choose between Radeon R9 270X and Asus GTX 660 Ti, i need the most performence as i want to play games like Crysis 3 high/mid at 1080p and Stalker Call of Pripyet Ultra at 1080p (with DX11.1 enabled).

For now i just want to upgrade my graphics card but later i will upgrade my motherboard and cpu as i5's are not for LGA775 socket as i believe.

I hope that somoene will know which GPU is better.

Thanks in advance.

Krysto. :D
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  1. I would call these cards equal as they trade blows depending on the game. Which ever is cheaper, go with that one.
  2. @ak47jar3d@ thanks for your answer, well for now gtx 66o ti is cheaper by 50 pounds (i live in UK) so i will take it under my consideration, however i found Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 2gb version and i looked for benchmarks and reviews and it came out that the 7790 comes up to be slightly better than GTX 660 ti and it cost even less that gtx 660 ti, and now i am really cofused because both my friends have those cards and they all debate about that which is better, they always say that gtx sometimes has (for example) 20 more fps in CoD BO2 than R9 but i must say that i cant see it as a true statement, How do you think ?


  3. 7790 is no match for 660ti and anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn't know better. 660ti is slightly better 7870 which is 2 versions better than 7790.
  4. @ak47jar3d@ Thanks for quick answer, however i got trouble with my psu so i had to replace it today which maked my budget go down to 120 pounds. And now i found out that 7790 and 7850 are in the same price of 118 punds and now i just cant pick, Which one would you acctually pick i want to order the graphics card this friday.


  5. It appears the GTX 660 Ti is faster, I'd get a GTX 760 though because it's slightly faster and it's newer.
  6. I would say try to find r7 265, if unavailable then go with r7 260x.These are better choices at the same price range since they are essentially rebranded 7790 and 7850 with price cuts.
  7. @aka47jar3d@ thanks yeah i will look for an r7 260x if u say they are nearly the same. I will post my results.
  8. @aka47jar3d@ hej ive found the Radeon R9 270 for the exact same price as the 7850 and it has higher reviews scores.

    This is the compherison. I think that it would be great here it is on ebay:

    I look forward to your advice.


  9. @TheRealHebarb@ Hey its true i found some interesting reiews on youtube. It seems that the gtx 760 is more efficiant than the gtx 660 ti, but not really sure which one will do better for your needs.
  10. Yeah, r9 270/7870 is better than 260x. 270 usually costs more than 7850/265. R7 270 beats pretty much every card we have talked about. Gtx 760 would be better than r7 270, so monitor the price of that card as well. The x in amd cards usually means same architecture, but slightly Overclocked meaning you could match the clock speeds of 270x with 270.
  11. @ak47jar3d @ Thanks mate, ive looked forward ito this and made my research very useful and thenks to your knowlage i have decided to buy Asus Radeon R9 270, and after couple of months i will invest and buy an watter cooling to the gpu so i can overclock it myself. As far as i know the DirectCU11 is much better than the orginall version of R9 270 as its slighgtly overclocked as well.

    Thanks for your support and now i will buy Asus R9 270 this or next friday, i will keep you posted of how its performing. And thanks for the advice
    my problem is solved ty. :D


  12. No problem. Any additional questions always feel free to ask.
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